The ETM Masarati was founded by “Master of Arts” Bruno Masarati.
The head office is in Loglio di Sotto, a small suburb of Montù Beccaria placed between Stradella and S. Maria della Versa, at S.E. of Pavia.
Effective September 1994 the firm is working with quality standards according to the UNI EN 29004 and 29002 rules. The target has been and always will be to guarantee the product answers meat the technical needs through thoughtfull selection of raw materials and suppliers, an high quality production, the fair look of finished product. Our customers are spread all over the national territory with a larger concentration at the North and Middle Italy.
We export toward in Greece, Spain, France, Benelux.

The wide range of application includes: chemical, petrolchemical and pharmaceutical industry, food industry, foundries and mechanical, brick industries, industrial research laboratories...

Thermocouples and thermoelements: we are can perform any special execution of the customers request.
Besides we are able to supply:

  • Compensated cables
  • Connectors and water proof heads
  • Terminal blocks
  • Thermocouple and rtd transmitters
  • Handheld digital thermometers

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di Masarati Daniela • P. IVA 01647170180
27040 Fraz. Loglio di Sotto • Montù B. (PV) Italy